Pre F1 2017

Hello welcome to my website! Now that F1 2017 is drawing to a close, I am gonna look back on it!

I'm a twelve year old kid with an interest in Formula One! I love it so much I created a website on it!

Also credit to w3schools which is a website that has helped me a lot on coding, and to my brother, a computer developer!

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Pre-Formula One:

NOTE: These were my first thoughts before thes season started!

So I am going to talk about the 2017 cars and the drivers. So we are going to start at the front with the Mercedes, well it could be someone like the Ferrari's this year but we will start with the Mercs anyway.

So the big talking point is that Nico Rosberg retired after last season and after winning the championship. So they needed someone to replace him and they got Valtteri Bottas in there instead who was driving for Williams last year. The Silver Arrows will want to stay up there and try and win the Drivers and the Constructors Championships again.

Mountain View

Now I am going to talk about Red Bull which is one of two teams which I support. Now Red Bull look to be in around the same place as they were last year after the testing a few weeks ago. I dont think they will win the title but I think they will snatch opportunities and win a few races. I think it will be quite close between them and Ferrari this season and they both have the same drivers of Daniel Riccardo and Max Verstappen (which are my 2 favourites).

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Now the Ferrari's turn. They looked pretty dominant in testing and I think this season they will be up there with the Red Bull's maybe even the Mercedes. Like the Red Bull's, they have both returning drivers from last year (Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel). Also, I think the top three will be quite close at battling it out for the title and also all of those cars look very similar to 2016 in colour and patterns compared to some teams like McLaren or Sauber.

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And its................Force India! Thats the other team which I support. After testing at Spain they look to be very reliable and for them to get 4th or higher again in the Constructors Championship will be a great achievement. Sergio Perez will be along side his new teamate Estaban Ocon who has made a massive leap from Manor and he replaces Nico Hulkenberg, who has gone to Renault.

Mountain View

So the Williams look like the dark horses going into Albert Park. Felipe Massa, who we all thought was retiring at the end of the season, came 5th fastest in testing. His teamate is the rookie of Lance Stroll and I predict they will be up there, batttling Force India this season.

Mountain View

Now Haas. They look pretty good, especially the paint work on the new VF17 car, better than last year in my opinion. I think Renualt and Haas will be close again this year but Haas looks a little bit stronger.

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Renualt in testing had an engine problem and only managed to get in 509 laps, which was the third lowest. The livery is pretty nice with Renualt's gold and black. I believe they will be up there this season but only wtih Haas and McLaren.

Mountain View

Mclaren has had poor performance last year and it looks like it is still not fixed this year after testing was very miserable for them. At least their new orange body slightly makes up for the loss. I think they will be down with Renault and/or maybe even Sauber. Stoffel Vandoorne is new there after Jenson Button retired last year.

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And finally we have the Sauber! The Sauber of course isn't the best car in the field but their colours and design probably is. I would like to see them try and beat McLaren or Renault this season.

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Anyway, these were the cars and opinions for 2017. Bai for now guys!

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